Winter Keep Warm Baby Zipper Fur Collar Snowsuit


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Kid Size: 3T(Size100)



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Embrace Winter in Cozy Comfort with Our Baby Zipper Fur Collar Snowsuit!

  • Ultimate Winter Protection: Tackle the chill with confidence as this snowsuit is designed to keep your baby warm even in the coldest temperatures.
  • Convenient Zipper Design: Effortlessly dress and undress your little one, making outings stress-free and enjoyable.
  • Plush Fur Collar: Provide extra warmth and a touch of luxury, ensuring your baby stays snug and stylish during winter adventures.

Features of Baby Hoodie:

  • High-Quality Insulation: Crafted with premium insulation materials, this snowsuit ensures optimal warmth, creating a cozy haven for your baby in frosty weather.
  • Durable Zipper: The sturdy zipper guarantees easy and secure closure, preventing cold drafts from penetrating and keeping your baby shielded from the elements.
  • Adorable Fur Collar: The soft faux fur collar not only adds a cute and fashionable touch but also provides an additional layer of insulation around your baby's neck.
  • Water-Resistant Exterior: Protect your little one from rain and snow, as the water-resistant exterior repels moisture, keeping them dry and comfortable.
  • Easy Care: Machine washable for convenient cleaning, allowing you to keep your baby's snowsuit fresh and ready for the next snowy escapade.

Reason Use to Baby Hoodie:

  • Comfort and Style: Ensure your baby stays warm and stylish during winter outings, making every moment enjoyable for both parents and little ones.
  • Versatility: Ideal for various winter activities, from family walks in the snow to holiday gatherings, this snowsuit is a versatile must-have.
  • Peace of Mind: With its top-notch insulation and durable design, parents can have peace of mind knowing their baby is well-protected from the cold.

Invest in the Winter Keep Warm Baby Zipper Fur Collar Snowsuit, and let your little one explore the wonders of winter in comfort and style!

Size Chart:

  • 70=6M-9M:

    • Length: 69cm
    • Bust: 73cm
    • Sleeve: 30cm
    • Fits for: 60-70cm height / 6-9 Months
  • 80=9M-12M:

    • Length: 73cm
    • Bust: 75cm
    • Sleeve: 32cm
    • Fits for: 70-80cm height / 9-12 Months
  • 90=18M-24M:

    • Length: 77cm
    • Bust: 78cm
    • Sleeve: 35cm
    • Fits for: 80-90cm height / 18-24 Months
  • 100=3T:

    • Length: 81cm
    • Bust: 81cm
    • Sleeve: 37cm
    • Fits for: 90-100cm height / 3 Years Old
  • 110=4T:

    • Length: 85cm
    • Bust: 84cm
    • Sleeve: 39cm
    • Fits for: 100-110cm height / 4 Years Old

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