Summer Crib Surround Pure Cotton Baby Bedding Anti-collision Crib Surround Removable Washable Bed


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Color: color 1-1 set 5 pcs

color 1-1 set 5 pcs
color 2-1 set 5 pcs
color 3-1 set 5 pcs

Size: About 90x50cm

About 90x50cm
About 100x56cm
About 105x60cm
About 110x65cm
About 110x60cm
About 120x60cm
About 120x70cm


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Embrace Safe and Cozy Summers with Our Summer Crib Surround!

Experience a summer of comfort and safety for your little one with our Summer Crib Surround. Crafted from pure cotton, this baby bedding solution is designed to provide the perfect blend of softness, breathability, and protection. Make bedtime a delightful experience with our anti-collision crib surround that ensures your baby sleeps soundly while you enjoy peace of mind.

Features of Baby Crib:

  • Pure Cotton Comfort: Our Summer Crib Surround is made from high-quality pure cotton, providing a gentle touch for your baby's delicate skin. The breathable fabric ensures optimal airflow, creating a comfortable and cozy sleep environment.

  • Anti-collision Design: Safety is our top priority. The crib surround features an anti-collision design to protect your baby from accidental bumps and bruises. It creates a secure barrier around the crib, allowing your little one to explore and sleep with confidence.

  • Removable and Washable: Life with a baby can get messy, and we understand that. The Summer Crib Surround is designed with convenience in mind. The removable cover is machine washable, making cleanups a breeze and ensuring a hygienic sleep space for your baby.

  • Easy Installation: Setting up the crib surround is quick and hassle-free. The adjustable straps secure the surround to the crib, providing a snug fit. It's a perfect solution for parents who want both style and functionality in their baby's nursery.

  • Versatile Use: Our crib surround is not only suitable for cribs but can also be used in bassinets and toddler beds. Its adaptable design grows with your baby, offering a versatile solution for different stages of early childhood.

  • Charming Aesthetics: The Summer Crib Surround not only prioritizes safety and comfort but also adds a touch of charm to your baby's nursery. The stylish design complements various nursery themes, creating a visually appealing and inviting space for your little one.

Create a haven of safety and comfort for your baby this summer with our Summer Crib Surround. Elevate your nursery with a product that blends functionality, style, and peace of mind.

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