Ortoluckland Boys Sandals Summer Children Orthopedic Flatfoot Flexible


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Shoe Size: size20(inner 12.6cm)

size20(inner 12.6cm)
size21(inner 13.2cm)
size22(inner 13.8cm)
size24(inner 15.0cm)
size25(inner 15.6cm)
size28(inner 17.6cm)
size29(inner 18.4cm)
size30(inner 19.0cm)


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Step into Summer Comfort with Ortoluckland Boys Sandals – Orthopedic Support for Happy, Healthy Feet!

Experience the perfect blend of style and orthopedic support with Ortoluckland Boys Sandals. Engineered for summer adventures, these sandals are designed to provide optimal comfort and support for your little one's feet, ensuring a carefree and active playtime.

Features of Baby Sandel:

  • Orthopedic Design: Ortoluckland Boys Sandals are crafted with the utmost care to support the natural development of growing feet. The orthopedic design promotes proper alignment, reducing the risk of flatfoot and other common foot issues.

  • Flexible Sole: Let your child move with ease! The sandals feature a flexible sole that adapts to the natural movement of the foot. This flexibility enhances stability and ensures a comfortable walking experience.

  • Breathable Material: Keep those tiny feet cool during hot summer days. The sandals are made from breathable materials, allowing air circulation to prevent discomfort and sweat.

  • Adjustable Straps: Achieve the perfect fit with the adjustable straps. These sandals provide a secure and customized fit for different foot shapes, offering stability and preventing unnecessary strain.

  • Durable Construction: Ortoluckland understands the importance of durability in children's footwear. The sandals are built to withstand the rough and tumble of playtime, ensuring they last through all your child's summer escapades.

  • Stylish Design: Who says orthopedic sandals can't be stylish? Ortoluckland Boys Sandals feature a trendy design that your little one will love, making them the perfect choice for both casual and dressier occasions.

  • Easy to Clean: Designed with busy parents in mind, these sandals are easy to clean. Simply wipe away dirt or mud, and they'll be ready for the next adventure.

Choose Ortoluckland Boys Sandals for the perfect combination of style, comfort, and orthopedic support. Let your child step into summer with confidence and the joy of healthy, happy feet!

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