Cute Bear Baby Winter Hooded Snowsuit


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Color: As The Picture (SKY BLUE)

As The Picture (SKY BLUE)
As The Picture (Blue)
As The Picture (black)
As The Picture

Kid Size: 0-3M(Size 59)

0-3M(Size 59)
3M-6M(Size 66)
6M-9M(Size 73)
9M-12M(Size 80)


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Embrace Winter with Adorable Warmth – Introducing the Cute Bear Baby Winter Hooded Snowsuit!

Winter can be harsh, but your little one doesn't have to feel the chill. Our Cute Bear Baby Winter Hooded Snowsuit is the perfect solution to keep your baby snug and stylish in the colder months. Crafted with love and practicality in mind, this snowsuit is designed to provide optimum comfort and protection for your little bundle of joy.

  • Cold Weather Comfort: Say goodbye to worrying about your baby feeling cold during winter outings. Our snowsuit ensures they stay warm and cozy.
  • Easy Dressing: Tired of struggling with multiple layers? This snowsuit simplifies dressing your baby, offering hassle-free wear without compromising on warmth.
  • Adorable Style: Keep your baby looking irresistibly cute while also ensuring they are well-protected from the winter elements.

Features of Baby Snowsuit:

  • Hooded Design: A cute bear-themed hood not only adds an adorable touch but also provides extra warmth and protection for your baby's head and ears.
  • Soft and Insulating Material: Made from high-quality, soft materials that keep your baby warm without sacrificing comfort.
  • Full Zipper Front: Easy to put on and take off, making dressing your baby a breeze, even when they're squirming.
  • Built-In Mittens and Booties: Say goodbye to lost mittens and chilly toes. This snowsuit comes equipped with attached mittens and booties for complete coverage.
  • High-Quality Craftsmanship: Designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring durability for all those winter adventures.

Reason Use to Baby Snowsuit:

  • Maximum Comfort: Your baby deserves the best, and our snowsuit offers unparalleled comfort, making winter outings enjoyable for both parents and baby.
  • Adorable Style: Who says warmth can't be stylish? The cute bear design adds a delightful touch to your baby's winter wardrobe.
  • Convenience: Simplify your life with easy dressing and undressing, thanks to the full zipper front.
  • Safety First: Keep your baby protected from the cold with a hooded design and attached mittens and booties.

Prepare your little one for winter wonderland adventures with the Cute Bear Baby Winter Hooded Snowsuit – where warmth meets adorable style!

Size Chart:

  • 59=0-3M:

    • Full length: 56
    • Bust: 66
    • Sleeve: 24
    • Fits for: 55-59cm height / 0-3 Months
  • 66=3-6M:

    • Full length: 60
    • Bust: 68
    • Sleeve: 26
    • Fits for: 59-66cm height / 3-6 Months
  • 73=6-9M:

    • Full length: 64
    • Bust: 72
    • Sleeve: 28
    • Fits for: 66-73cm height / 6-9 Months
  • 80=9-12M:

    • Full length: 68
    • Bust: 74
    • Sleeve: 30
    • Fits for: 70-80cm height / 9-12 Months

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