Baby Winter Coat Windproof Velvet Hood


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Kid Size: 2T



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Bundle Up Your Little One in Cozy Style with Our Baby Winter Coat – A Perfect Blend of Warmth and Adorable Fashion!

  • Winter Warmth Assurance: Say goodbye to chilly days with our windproof velvet hooded coat, ensuring your baby stays snug and warm all season.

  • Fashionable Practicality: Combining comfort with style, this coat solves the challenge of keeping your baby both fashionable and protected from the cold.

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for outdoor adventures, photo sessions, or everyday wear, making it a practical and stylish choice for various occasions.

  • Thoughtful Gifting: The perfect gift for baby showers, birthdays, Christmas, and more – offering both warmth and style for the little ones.

Features of Baby Velvet :

  • Soft Comfortable Fabric: Crafted from a soft and comfortable fabric, this winter coat provides a cozy layer of warmth for your baby.

  • Windproof Velvet Hood: Designed with a windproof velvet hood, it shields your baby from cold winds, ensuring maximum protection against the winter chill.

  • Seasonal Versatility: Suitable for fall and winter, this coat is perfect for babies aged 12 months and above, making it a go-to choice for stylish winter wear.

  • Charming Design: Adorned with a delightful "Merry Christmas" message, it adds a festive touch to your baby's wardrobe.

Reasons to Use Baby Velvet :

  • Ultimate Winter Protection: The windproof velvet hood and cozy fabric ensure your baby is shielded from the cold, providing the ultimate winter protection.

  • Stylish Functionality: Offering both warmth and style, this coat allows your baby to stay fashionable while being comfortable in colder weather.

  • Versatile Occasions: Whether it's a winter stroll, a photoshoot, or daily wear, this coat is designed to be a versatile and practical addition to your baby's wardrobe.

  • Thoughtful Gift Choice: As a gift for baby showers, birthdays, or festive occasions, this winter coat combines practicality and charm, making it a thoughtful and cherished present.

Size Chart:

  • 9M/12M:

    • US Size: 9M/12M
    • Tag Size: 90
    • Length: 41 cm
    • Sleeve Length: 30 cm
    • Shoulder: 28 cm
    • 1/2 Bust: 36 cm
    • Recommended Height: 75-85 cm
  • 18M/2T:

    • US Size: 18M/2T
    • Tag Size: 100
    • Length: 44 cm
    • Sleeve Length: 33 cm
    • Shoulder: 29 cm
    • 1/2 Bust: 37 cm
    • Recommended Height: 85-95 cm
  • 3T:

    • US Size: 3T
    • Tag Size: 110
    • Length: 47 cm
    • Sleeve Length: 36 cm
    • Shoulder: 31 cm
    • 1/2 Bust: 39 cm
    • Recommended Height: 95-105 cm
  • 4T:

    • US Size: 4T
    • Tag Size: 120
    • Length: 50 cm
    • Sleeve Length: 39 cm
    • Shoulder: 32 cm
    • 1/2 Bust: 41 cm
    • Recommended Height: 105-115 cm
  • 5/6:

    • US Size: 5/6
    • Tag Size: 130
    • Length: 53 cm
    • Sleeve Length: 42 cm
    • Shoulder: 34 cm
    • 1/2 Bust: 43 cm
    • Recommended Height: 115-125 cm

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