5''IPS Screen Pan-Tilt-Zoom Walking Camera Video Baby Monitor with 30-Hour Battery 2-Way Talk Night Vision Temperature Lullabies SD Card


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5"HD IPS Screen Wireless Video Baby Monitor

With 2-way Audio IR Night Vision PTZ Camera, your baby deserves the best care.

5 inch Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Adopts a 5 inch IPS screen, 30% larger size than the mainstream baby monitors, which promotes you to catch every moment of your baby clearly

Advantages of IPS Display Screen

IPS "In-Plane Switching”monitors, leverage liquid crystals aligned in parallel to produce rich colors. IPS designed to overcome the limitations of TN panels. The liquid crystal’s ability to shift horizontally creates better viewing angles.
●Faster response times
●Wider viewing angles
●Better color/contrast than many VA and TN panels
●Outstanding color accuracy and screen consistency

2X Zooming

zooming (2x magnification) to ensure that you can remotely keep track of baby’s every move.

PTZ Function and Wide Angle Lens

Boasting 355° Pan 55° Tilt, the remote control baby monitor camera allows 360° to oversee the entire room, ensuring you whenever and wherever possible have a clear view of your infant from any angle.

5000mAh Big Capacity Battery

The parent monitor is wireless and equipped with a 5000mAh built-in battery, you can take the monitor anywhere in your house and monitor your nursery room no matter you are cooking, reading, or doing yoga.
(The camera need to plug in sotcket.)

VOX Mode Wake Up

The monitor enter sleeping mode and auto wake up when detect sounds, built-in rechargeable large capacity 5000mAh battery that lasts up to all day use, The battery life in bright screen mode is more than 12 hours, and the battery life in VOX mode is more than 17 hours

Two-way Communication

With the two-way audio feature you can hear your little one clearly then comfort them with your voice even you’re in another room.

Infrared Night Vision

Built-in infrared LED lights on the camera allow you to see your little one clearly at night.

Up to 2 Camera & Easy to Setup

Expandable up to 2 Cameras, meet full room coverage needs,take good care of your baby and home.

Kindly remind: not support split screen, two screen switching to watch.

HD 720P Resolution

See more clear than other 480P Cameras

TF Card Recorded

Record the baby's growth time, you will not miss every moment of your baby.

8 Lullabies

Built-in 8 fascinating lullaby, the baby monitor support remotely open, make the baby happy fall in sleep.

Temperature & Sound Detect Alarm

Support temperature detection and alarm ( 18°>F<33° )

Support baby cry sounds detection and alarm.

Set Feeding Clock freely

The baby monitor could set 7 feeding alarm, never worry about when your baby get hungry.

No WiFi No App

Simply plug in camera and monitor to use,no complicated WiFi connection or any other APP download required. don't worry for the hacker.

Plug and Play

The camera and monitor has been paired before ship, when you receive it, just need plug the camera into socket and turn on the monitor.

Long Transmission Range

Maintain constant visuals with a monitor transmission range up to 656 feet (200m)


●Lift the ANTENNA of the parent unit to get a better signal.
●Wide transmission range up to 1000ft in BARRIER-FREE areas, lower latency and higher stability.
●To avoid beeping or buzzing sound, you need keeping baby camera and monitor 5-7FT away from each other.
●Please keep camera and crib/baby at least 7FT away if you need to zoom in the screen picture.
●The temperature display on the parent unit may not change. When the baby unit is always working (it is plugged in for a long time), the temperature of the baby unit itself heats up, it's hotter than the baby's surroundings.
●After the alarm sounds, press any key to stop the alarm.

PS: Please read the user manual carefully before using the product.

If you CANNOT pair the monitor with the camera, please don't worry, take your time and inform our after-sales service staff of the situation. We stand ready to answer your questions.

Some suggestions for better signal:

1.Keep the camera and monitor away 2-3 meters from other 2.4GHz electronic devices (e.g Microwave oven,15 meters from Wi-Fi router etc.)
2. Please keep the distance between the Wi-Fi devices and the camera as far as possible, the straight line 15 meters or more is the best.
3. If the Wi-Fi router is dual-band, you can switch the router frequency to 5GHz, which will also help to solve the interference problem.
4. No more than 2 walls between the parent unit and baby unit in a Straight distance.


●Q: What is VOX mode?
A: In VOX mode, the baby monitor screen will hibernate to save power. When your baby suddenly wakes up and cries, the screen will turn on the working mode to remind you in time.

●Q: Can the camera be charged wirelessly?
A: Wireless charging is not currently supported and the camera must be plugged in to work. However, the monitor screen can be used alone when fully charged.

●Q: Is the WIFI connection required?
A: No, Internet is not required. The communication between the monitor and the camera is completely independent of WiFi.So you can choose this monitor without worrying about privacy.

●Q: Can this monitor see clearly at night?
A: Yes, The infrared night vision function allows the camera to capture images in dark or low-light conditions. With this night vision function, you can monitor your baby all night in your bedroom without having to go to the baby's room.

●Q: If add second camera, can i view 2 images at the same time ?
A: No, it not support split screen mode currently.

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