4.3 Inch Baby Monitor with 2300mAh Long Battery Life Video Wireless Walking Camera and Audio Intercom Auto Night Vision Kids Babysitter


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Stay Connected with Peace of Mind 4.3 Inch Baby Monitor with Long Battery Life and Clear Video Surveillance

Keep an eye on your little one anytime, anywhere with our 4.3 Inch Baby Monitor. With advanced features like a long-lasting battery, wireless camera, audio intercom, and auto night vision, this monitor ensures your baby's safety and your peace of mind.

Features of Baby Walking Camera:

  • Crystal Clear Display: The 4.3-inch color display provides sharp and clear video surveillance, allowing you to see every movement of your baby with clarity.

  • Wireless Walking Camera: Easily position the camera in any room without the hassle of wires, giving you flexibility in monitoring your baby's activities.

  • Long Battery Life: Equipped with a powerful 2300mAh battery, this monitor lasts for hours on a single charge, providing uninterrupted monitoring throughout the day and night.

  • Audio Intercom: Communicate with your baby from another room using the two-way audio intercom feature, soothing them with your voice whenever needed.

  • Auto Night Vision: Rest assured knowing you can monitor your baby even in low light conditions. The auto night vision feature switches on automatically, providing clear images of your baby even in the dark.

  • Easy to Use: With intuitive controls and simple setup, this baby monitor is user-friendly, allowing you to start monitoring your baby in no time.

  • Compact and Portable: Its compact design and lightweight construction make it easy to carry around the house or pack for trips, ensuring you can always keep an eye on your baby wherever you are.

Invest in the safety and well-being of your baby with our 4.3 Inch Baby Monitor. With its advanced features and reliable performance, you can have peace of mind knowing your little one is always within reach.

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