VALEN SINA casual Baby Sneakers shoes


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Color: 4 Pcs white socks

4 Pcs white socks
J06 Black
J06 Light blue
J06 Dark Blue
J07 Black
J07 Blue
J07 Brown
J07 White
B164 Grey
B164 Blue
B164 Black
B197 Black
B197 Dark Blue
B197 Light blue
B197 White
B197 Grey
C-434 Dark Blue
C-434 Light blue
C-434 White
C-434 Black
C-435 Black
C-435 Blue
C-690 apricot
C-690 Black
C-690 Blue
C-773 White
C-841 Pink
C-841 Dark Blue
C-841 Black
C-841 White
C-841 Red

Baby Age: 0-6 Months

0-6 Months
7-12 Months
13-18 Months


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Introducing VALEN SINA Casual Baby Sneakers Shoes with Molain Non-Slip Shoe Stickers – Elevate Your Traction, Comfort, and Confidence!

Tired of slipping and sliding on wet or slippery floors? Molain Non-Slip Shoe Stickers are here to solve that problem! Our premium scrubber material ensures durability and effective anti-skid properties. The textured surface design enhances grip on the sole, providing stability and confidence, especially on challenging surfaces. Whether you're in high heels, boots, leather shoes, or sneakers, these versatile shoe grips are your answer to preventing slips and falls. Plus, they're easy to cut and customize for a perfect fit, making them a practical solution for any shoe type.

Features of Baby Shoes:

Experience the next level of safety and comfort with VALEN SINA Casual Baby Sneakers Shoes featuring Molain Non-Slip Shoe Stickers:

  • High-Quality Material: Crafted from premium scrubber, our shoe sole protectors are not only durable but also highly effective in preventing slips and falls.

  • 2 Shapes No-Slip Rubber Sole: The textured surface design enhances grip, providing additional traction and stability on wet or slippery floors. Say goodbye to slipping woes!

  • One Size Fits All Shoes: Easily customizable to fit any shoe type – boots, high heels, leather shoes, and sneakers. Simply cut the heel pads to your desired size for a perfect fit.

  • Reduce Noise: Double-layer rubber integration design helps reduce walking noise, making them ideal for quiet environments like offices or libraries. Walk with confidence without the distractions of loud footsteps.

  • Easy To Use: Simple application process – just peel off and place the adhesive pad on the sole, press firmly, and let it dry for a few hours before the first use. For cold weather, use a hair dryer to heat the skid-proof sole stick protector.

Reason Use to Baby Shoes:

VALEN SINA Casual Baby Sneakers Shoes with Molain Non-Slip Shoe Stickers offer a multitude of benefits, making them a must-have for everyone:

  • Enhanced Safety: Prevent slips and falls with the superior grip provided by our shoe sole protectors, ensuring safety on various surfaces.

  • Versatile: Suitable for all types of shoes, offering a universal solution to the common problem of slippery soles.

  • Customizable: Easy to cut and customize, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific shoe size and style.

  • Noise Reduction: Enjoy quiet and discreet movements with the reduction in walking noise, making them perfect for professional or quiet settings.

  • User-Friendly: With a straightforward application process, anyone can use these shoe grips for instant slip resistance, providing peace of mind and confidence with every step.

Size Chart:

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